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Limited Edition American Whiskeys: 6 Ultra-Rare Pours

Wed, Feb 09, 22

Limited Edition American Whiskeys: 6 Ultra-Rare Pours

Whiskey is America's spirit distilled and bottled. So much so, that Congress recognized bourbon in 1964 as “a distinctive product of the U.S.A."

As you might expect from an industry that's so traditional and steeped in history, most whiskeys are firmly set within their own time period. They're made using production methods that have stood the test of time and passed down from generation to generation.

We've got household names like Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, which churn out millions of cases each year. Then there are the small-batch whiskeys, no less tasty but far rarer.

If you're a whiskey enthusiast, then the Limited Edition American whiskeys we offer at East Houston St. Wine & Liquor will give you a chance to drink liquid history.

From decade-old bourbons to once-in-a-lifetime anniversary whiskeys, these gems are worth a spot in your collection.

Here are a few of our top picks:

1. 1792 Full Proof

The "1792" in 1792 Full Proof is a throwback to the year when Kentucky formally became a state. Staying faithful to its historical roots, this limited-edition whiskey is non-chill filtered for full body and flavor.

At 125 barrel entry proof, it's one of the strongest bourbons in the market today. But its high alcohol content isn't what will knock your socks off.

Instead, you'll take delight in 1792 Full Proof's rich notes of caramel and spices, backed by hints of tobacco, hazelnuts, and oak. It goes down beautifully with no burn, ending in a smooth mouthfeel.

Great for sipping, we recommend enjoying 1792 Full Proof beside a roaring fireplace or on an evening date with friends.

2. Redemption The Ancients 18-Year-Old Rye Barrel Proof 110 Indiana

As part of the prestigious Redemption Ancients collection, only 600 bottles of this 18-year-old spirit exist. It has 95% rye content and is truly a powerful testament to rye's aging ability.

The layers of flavor are astounding. First, it opens with the deep notes of barrel char, chocolate, and campfire smoke. Then, it mellows out to reveal a medley of herbal notes like thyme and oregano. Ending the symphony are concentrated notes of crème brûlée, coffee, and cinnamon bread.

The Redemption Ancients 18-Year-Old Rye has a length that's remarkably smooth for something so full of flavor. Plus, it stays in your mouth for a long while, making it even more memorable.

Excellent for the best whiskey cocktails, such as the Vieux Carre, The Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned.

3. Blanton's Straight From The Barrel

This beloved cask strength bourbon is the third version of the first single barrel bourbon in the world, just after the Gold 103 Proof and the Original 93 proof. You will be, quite literally, tasting a piece of history.

The nose is toasty and inviting with fruity hints of raisin, orange zest plus oak. But don't be fooled by that gentle entry - at 130 proof, Blanton's is a fiery beast.

The palate is dry and packs heat as it delivers bold notes of oak, while the flavors of light honey, juicy raisins, and butterscotch attempt to tame the fire.

It ends in an explosion as the alcohol announces itself. While the burn is prominent, it curiously stays in the mouth, refusing to travel down the throat and stomach. With a drier finish, it leaves a flavor profile of oak, vanilla, and preserved peaches.

Without a doubt, Blanton's Straight From The Barrel is a drink for fearless whiskey connoisseurs. It's pure and unadulterated - the perfect dram for sipping slowly.

4. Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Pact No. 7

With a name like that, you already know Blood Oath Pact. No. 7 is going to be a stunner.

This is one of the finest whiskeys we carry. It's a unique union of three bourbons: a 14-year extra aged rye bourbon combined with two 8-year-old rye bourbons. Blood Oath finishes the Pact No. 7 in Sauternes wine casks sourced from Bordeaux, France, to underline the spirit with sweetness and spice.

Bring a glass of this tipple to your nose and you'll be struck with strong scents of oak and caramel with honey in the background. The palate stays faithful to the nose, carrying full flavors of caramel and oak. The finish is wonderfully fruity with peaches, honey, and apricots.

It's impossible not to fall in love with this delightfully complex whiskey.

5. Old Forester 150 Anniversary Batch Proof Unfiltered Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Old Forester 150th Anniversary Bourbon invites you to travel back in time, through the Prohibition era, world wars and on to 1870, when George Garvin Brown first sealed and sold Old Forester in glass bottles, changing the liquor industry forever.

The Old Forester 150th Anniversary Bourbon is an homage to Garvin Brown's ingenuity and integrity, and a celebration of the lineage that has been respected throughout whiskey's proud history.

Chris Morris, master distiller at Brown Forman, used 150-day seasoned wood to create 150 barrels exclusively for the 150th anniversary batch.

That attention to detail is evident in the nose, which settles into raisin, butterscotch, oak, and vanilla flavors with a faint sour twang. The palate has a bright front reminiscent of brown sugar before developing into butterscotch. Expect some heat during the first sips before the sweeter notes take the spotlight.

The Old Forester 150th Anniversary Bourbon seeks to honor the past and present, and we doff our hats to its makers for such a fine whiskey.

6. Kentucky Owl Dry State 100th Anniversary Release Bourbon 100° Extremely Limited

This extremely rare bourbon is Kentucky Owl's cheeky nod to the Prohibition's 100th anniversary, the 1920 constitutional ban that turned America into a "Dry State."

Beyond the humor, this is one masterful blend. Kentucky Owl hand-picked some of the best casks, including a range of 12 to 17-year-old straight bourbons, and turned it into a magnificent bourbon.

A sniff of Kentucky Owl Dry State releases a bouquet of apple, spice cake, toffee, and faint elderflower. The palate is one of their biggest and boldest yet: orange zest, s'mores and chewy caramel collide on the tongue, ending in a long finish.

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This list is just a small snippet of our Limited Edition American Whiskey collection.

We have other rare bottles from America's greatest whiskey distilleries. George Dickel, Buffalo Trace, W.L. Weller, Four Roses - you'll find them represented and more.

Finally, there are some great deals in our limited edition American whiskey lineup, too. We have old pours starting at $100, so there's definitely something for every budget!

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